Maurizio Cattelan | Original prints, lithographs, etchings and illustrated books


"I don't draw, I don't know to paint and i don't sculpt. I do not touch my things right. It is the void that focuses me and gives me ideas."


(Maurizio Cattelan)



Maurizio Cattelan (Padua, September 21, 1960) is an Italian artist.

Cattelan was born into a modest family, son of Paolo Cattelan (1932-2018), truck driver, and Pierina Brillo (1934), cleaning lady. He has two sisters, Luisella Giada and Cristina.

He began his career in Forlì, in the eighties, collaborating with some local artists. The exhibition debut is in 1991, at the Modern Art Gallery of Bologna, where it presents Stadium, a very long table football table with two sides of players on both sides, in which the whites were the reserves of Cesena and the blacks of the Senegalese workers who worked in Veneto.

His works combine sculpture with performance, but often include "happening" events, provocative actions, theatrical pieces, text-comments on the panels that accompany his works of art. Sometimes works not made by himself, articles for newspapers and magazines are also used

With Paola Manfrin and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster he publishes the magazine Permanent Food and, with Massimiliano Gioni and Ali Subtonick the art magazine Charley. He collaborates occasionally with the contemporary art magazine Flash Art. In September 2010 he conceived together with the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari another editorial project Toilet Paper. Cattelan lives and works between Milan and New York.

After five years of silence and absence from the creative scene, Maurizio Cattelan gives an interview to Corriere della Sera in April 2017, stating that he is returning but not to be part of the gallery as much as to want to be part of the public debate [6]. He claims that just the moment he decided to leave the audience he got the most fun; he worked full-time on the image magazine founded with photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, "Toiletpaper", which until Friday 14 April 2017, turns into a bar with soccer and table tennis set up at the Santa Teresa Mediateca in Milan.

The artist Maurizio Cattelan claims that in recent years he has dedicated himself to the search for the thousand lives that an image can have, working on ideas for furnishings in collaboration with Seletti [9]. Cattelan anticipated that he is preparing a work to be exhibited in New York in a public space that will be a provocative work in the wake of LOVE; during his break he understood that the galleries are of less and less interest to him but what matters to him is the real contact with the public to get the debate.