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Titina Maselli was an italian painter (Rome 1924 - 2005). Daughter of the art critic Enrico, began to paint early, also urged by the intellectual environment gathered around the family. After his first solo exhibition (1948, Galleria l'Obelisco di Roma) he started his participation in major exhibitions, such as the Venice Biennale (various editions, from 1950 to 1995) and the Rome Quadriennale (various editions, from 1951 to 2000) . The figurative choice, pursued since his early works, led her to represent everyday objects (Bottle, 1947; On the asphalt, 1948), although the interest for the representation of typical and obsessive images of the metropolis and of the contemporary life. His stay in New York was decisive in this sense (1952-55), where he treated motifs like the urban landscape, especially at night, and representations of boxers or footballers (Bar in New York, 1954; From one subway to another, 1955; Boxeurs, 1959; Footballers in Action, 1959). This initial part of the production, also marked by a reference to the conception of Futurist dynamism, followed a figure characterized by subjects fixed by the lightning of a cinematographic frame (Machines at sunset, 1960). After a stay in Austria he returned definitively to Rome, alternating frequent stays in Paris. Since the Sixties, while taking up the same subjects, aimed at a representation more cold and flat, through the use of two-dimensional plans and anti-natural colors, thus constituting effects that have made it considered close to the results of pop art. Among the major exhibitions are the personal exhibitions in Paris (Grand Palais, 1981), Macerata (Pinacoteca and Musei Comunali, 1985), Mantua (Casa del Mantegna, 1991), Rome (Galleria Giulia, 1998) and Strasbourg (Italian Institute of Culture) , 1998). He also had an intense activity as a set designer, working mainly for French theaters (Maria Stuart, Festival of Avignon, 1983) and Germans (Six characters in search of an author, Berlin, Freie Volksbühne, 1981).