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"A picture is an ax to break the ice that is in us."

(Luca Alinari)



Luca Alinari (Florence, 27 October 1943 - Florence, 15 March 2019) was an Italian painter.
Self-taught, he made his debut in 1968 with his first personal exhibition at the Inquadrature Gallery in Florence.

During the seventies he started a strong research on the free juxtaposition of objects and figures in fantastic and suspended atmospheres, on the suggestion of Neodada and Pop Art research. In these years he experimented with different painting techniques, in which he combined fluorescent colors, decal, collage, photographic transpositions. Between 1972 and 1973 he exhibited in the main private galleries of Florence, presented by the poet and friend Alfonso Gatto.

In the 1980s he received his first official recognition, with his participation in the Venice Biennale in 1982 and the Xth and XIth Rome Quadriennale.

He maintains friendly relations with various writers: Domenico Rea, Alfonso Gatto, Nobel José Saramago, Edoardo Sanguineti who dedicated several poems to him in 1974, and Goffredo Parise, who in the early 1980s wrote a fundamental essay on his painting.

In 1990 he painted the "Cencio" for the Palio di Siena, the cloth that was awarded to the winner. He established himself on the national artistic scene in 1993, on the occasion of the anthological exhibition set up at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, where he presented an important group of works that retraced his artistic career up until then. This exhibition is completed by the fantastically artistic landscapes of artistic maturity, characterized by a lively and brilliant color scheme and an original pictorial technique, which combines materials with refined backgrounds of smooth and transparent color.

In Florence in the Vasari Corridor of the Uffizi, his Self-portrait has been exhibited since 1999, purchased by the Museum itself. In 2009 he exhibited a solo exhibition of 45 works at the Beijin Today Art Museum in Beijing, at the Center for Contemporary Art SunShine in Shanghai and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Kun Shan, Shanghai's satellite city.

In 2011 in Città di Castello he exhibited a personal exhibition entitled "Frost".
Interviewed by Italian Art Magazine, he states that the name is inspired by a quote by the writer Franz Kafka that Alinari paraphrases like this: "A painting is an ax to break the chill that is within us". Alinari the same way as writer, attributes the task of thawing to his last works, which compared to those of the sixties and seventies, are colored by the vigor of red, as if to arouse anyone who observes them, because he is aware of what the world is experiencing: the frost .

Also in 2011 he designed the 2013 World Cycling Championship logo, which for the first time had some stages in Tuscany . The logo, in the Author's explanation, in the essential lines of a bicycle, with the frame that becomes the edge of a hill, contains a Renaissance profile, a hint of the Italian landscape with the inevitable cypresses, but also the rationality of the line and of the new humanistic perspective.
The Federation had initially asked the artist to also set up a pictorial exhibition, but he opted for a more singular work, "an installation formed by various linked works, each supported by a bicycle, in turn resting on another work, again supported by a bicycle ", which should have been placed at the point of arrival of the race, in the center of Florence.

In September 2011 at the Palazzo Medici del Vascello in Asti an important solo exhibition of the artist is hosted in which he presents his new figurative expressions with the "queens of dreams", feeric creatures that emerge from enchanted landscapes and find space on the cover of Art & Wine No. 20, directed by the art critic Fabio Carisio, curator of the exhibition and also of the personal Art & Wine Gallery of other historicized masters such as Giorgio De Chirico and Giovan Francesco Gonzaga.

In June 2013, Alinari inaugurated a personal exhibition at Spoleto Art Fair.