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Hsiao Chin (Traditional Chinese: pin 勤; pinyin: Xiao Qin) is an artist born in Shanghai in 1935 whose role has been predominant in the evolution of Chinese painting to abstraction.

Hsiao Chin grows in an artistic universe. His father (Hsiao Yu-mei), a famous musician and pioneer of contemporary Chinese music, began it in all forms of art.
In 1949, with the proclamation of the People's Republic of China, he moved to Taïwan. In 1952 Hsiao Chin enters the workshop of Li Zhong-Sheng (also known as Lee Chun-Shan) in Antung Street in Taipei where he follows Teacher's teaching for a few years.
In 1956 he actively participated in the foundation of the Ton Fan Group, with Ho-Kan and Hsiao Ming-Hsien. That same year he obtained a scholarship to study art in Spain. Despite his remoteness, he remained very active within the group. As information on Western contemporary art is still very sketchy in Taiwan, Hsiao Chin regularly publishes articles in a daily newspaper in Taipei (United Daily News). He also corresponds directly with Ho-Kan and the Ton Fan Group artists.
In 1959 he moved to Milan, where he founded the Punto Group and made friends with Lucio Fontana.

He lived in the United States from 1967 to 1972 teaching painting in several presigious schools and meeting artists such as Mark Rothko, William de Kooning.
In 1973, he returned to live in Milan.

In 2010, a major retrospective of his work takes place at the Kaohsiung Museum.