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Guillaume Corneille (Cornelis Van Beverloo, Liège, 3 July 1922 - Auvers-sur-Oise, 5 September 2010) was a Belgian painter, sculptor and printer.

Born in Belgium from Dutch parents, after having attended courses at the School of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, he began his pictorial experience influenced by surrealism. He is co-founder with Karel Appel, Eugene Brands and Anton Rosskens of the Reflex experimental movement. He is the initiator and exponent of the Co.Br.A group. with Karel Appel, Constant Nieuwenhuis, Asger Jorn and Marcel Dotremont. To this group will soon be added other painters, poets and writers including Jaques Doucet, Pierre Alechinsky, Else Alfeldt and others. In 1949 he undertook his first trip to North Africa where he discovered the Arab and Berber world. First exhibition in Paris at the Galerie Colette Allendy with Appel and Constant. Group Co.Br.A. at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Corneille after having developed his artistic discourse in an abstract sense towards an abstract landscape in the fifties, returns to figuration at the beginning of the 60s impressed by the colors of the nature of southern Europe and North Africa shifting his interest in expressionism.

From 1982, for the realization of his most ambitious calcographic projects, he availed himself of the collaboration of a famous Italian engraver, the master Luigi Guardigli; also thanks to the intercession of the mutual friend Franco Piruca.