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Gianbecchina, stage name of Giovanni Becchina (Sambuca di Sicilia, 2 August 1909 - Palermo, 14 July 2001), was an Italian painter.
He received the first rudiments of painting technique from a decorator who hired him as a boy to paint the vaults of the patrician houses of Sambuca di Sicilia. After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, in the thirties he joined the group of avant-garde artists with Renato Guttuso, Giovanni Barbera, Lia Pasqualino Noto and Nino Franchina, sharing their unconventional ideas. In 1938 he exhibited at the XXI Biennial of Contemporary Art in Venice. Also in these years in Milan, he met Beniamino Joppolo; reference point of many Sicilian "emigrant" artists such as Birolli, Migneco, Quasimodo, Raffaele De Grada, Arnaldo Badodi, the artists who gave life to "Corrente", and collaborates as illustrator in the strips of "The Adventures of Signor Bonaventura" for " Il Corriere dei Piccoli ".

In 1954 he participated with La zolfara at the Venice Biennale and won the "Bevilacqua-La Masa" award. In the following years, the exhibitions and exhibitions throughout Italy and abroad, the great events of Gianbecchina are followed in a crescendo that will lead to important public recognition. Alongside the intense pictorial activity there is an important production of art graphics, engravings, etchings, lithographs and serigraphs. Memorable are those dedicated to the "Cycle of bread", a series of serigraphs, which refer to the large canvases, printed in Palermo by Patrizio De Lollis. His works can be found in galleries and public and private collections. In September 1997 the "Giambecchina Institute" was founded, directed by his son Alessandro.