Kiki Franceschi | Original prints, lithographs, etchings and illustrated books




Kiki Franceschi was born in Livorno, where she distinguished herself in the pictorial field when she was very young, winning numerous national awards. To his credit about fifty solo and group exhibitions in Italian and foreign galleries and museums. Experiment with sound poems, some of which will be broadcast in the years 1990 and 1991 by the Radio Nacional de Espaňa on the occasion of the festival “Ars Sonora”.

Writer, poet and essayist, she publishes Paper recall, visual poems, with a preface by Alessandro Serpieri (British Institute of Florence, 1993); Newspaper (Ed Aglaia, Florence); Signals from nowhere (Ed. Polistampa, Florence, 1997); Fontechiara and surroundings (Ed. Polistampa, Florence, 2000); Devouring the infinite (Morgana Edizioni, Florence, 2001); Reflections from a besieged fortress (Angelus Novus Edizioni, L’Aquila, 2002); Isola (Meta Editions, Florence, 2003); Human facts are out of time (Edizioni Gazebo, Florence, 2012); There is no time for time (Polistampa Editions, Florence, 2016); In absence I exist (Eureka Editions, Corato-BA, 2018).

His plays have all been performed in Italian theaters, including “La Goldonetta” and the “Teatro delle Comedie” of Livorno; “La Sala Vanni” in Florence; the "Little Eliseo" of Rome. The essays on Mary Shelley and the Florentine Bloomsbury at "Villa i Tatti" appeared in the magazine "Berenice", in numbers 10 (1996), 14 (1997), 26 (2001) and in AA.VV., La Perturbante, edited by Chiti, Farnetti, Treder (Morlacchi Editore, Perugia, 2002). A critical biography of her appeared in Female Scriptures in Tuscany, edited by Ernestina Pellegrini (Edizioni Leettere, Florence, 2006). Numerous performances including: Gamec, Viareggio, 2014; Mart, Rovereto, 2016; Metastasio Theater, Prato, 2016; Museo del Novecento, Florence, 2018.