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Felicita Frai, born Felice Frajova (Prague, 20 October 1909 - Milan, 14 April 2010), was a Czech naturalized Italian painter.

Born in Prague under the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph. After interrupting his university studies in his hometown, he moved to Italy in 1930, first to Trieste and then to Ferrara. Here she was a pupil of Achille Funi with whom she studied the fresco technique and collaborated in 1936 on the decoration of The Myth of Ferrara in the Arengo room (formerly Sala della Consulta) of the Municipal Palace of Ferrara. In 1937 he collaborated with Funi on the frescoes of the Church of San Francesco Nuovo in Tripoli in Libya.

In 1938 he made his debut at the Venice Biennale of Art, returning also in 1948.

In the 1940s he moved to Milan, where he attended Giorgio De Chirico's studio and participated in all editions of the Triennale from 1945 to 1954. He devoted himself to figure painting and still life but also to engraving and book illustration. such as Journey through the Looking Glass (1947) by Lewis Carroll and The Hedgehog Tree (1948) by Antonio Gramsci.

In 2001 the Italian painter obtained the Ambrogino d'oro.

She passed away in 2010 at the age of 100.