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Enzo Faraoni (Santo Stefano di Magra, 29 December 1920 - Carmignano, 9 October 2017) was an Italian painter.

The son of a stationmaster originally from Empoli, Enzo Faraoni spent his early youth in the countryside of Montelupo and Carmignano. At the age of eleven he enrolled at the Art Institute of Porta Romana, Graphic Arts section, where Francesco Chiappelli and Pietro Parigi taught, graduating in 1939 with a thesis on Van Gogh. It was Pietro Parigi who routed his strong connotation for the sign and for the color on the congenial course of Viani's lesson. And it will be the master himself to lead him, together with Alessandrini, to meet Ottone Rosai. Viani's lesson will reverberate in the deep tones of a self-portrait of '38 and in the contemporary Portrait of the stationmaster father. Rosai's, wider and more engaging, will refine his native ability to research the inner truth of things, making him concentrate on the human figure and portraits, but also finding a congenial poetic in the study of light and shadow. After an important group show in San Miniato in '39 and the next one in "La Nazione" - where for the first time his inalienable "vein" of "pain" will be noticed - Faraoni will hold his first solo exhibition in Florence in '42 at the Galleria Il Fiore, with which that positive corollary of judgments by all the major Italian critics will begin. In the early post-war years, his involvement in the debates regarding the programmatic choices between form and abstraction at the Giubbe Rosse coffee and within the Art movement today will be important.

In his dense exhibition activity in Italy and abroad, the invitations to the Venice Biennale in '48, '50, '54 and 56 as well as to the four Quadrennial of Rome from '47 onwards are to be recorded. Present at the exhibitions of the Il Fiorino Award, which it won in '61, Faraoni's graphics will receive the Award in Venice at the Biennale della Grafica in '68. Among the many post-war solo exhibitions, the anthologies of '69 at the Pananti Gallery, of '74 at the Galleria Falsetti and in Bagni di Lucca with the care of Pier Carlo Santini are worthy of mention. In 1996 the artist donated to the Expressive Activities Center of Villa Pacchiani in Santa Croce sull'Arno, 225 engravings made from 1939 to '95. He currently holds the Painting Class at the Academy of Drawing Arts.