Baldo Diodato | Original prints, lithographs, etchings and illustrated books



Diodato takes his first steps as an artist in Naples, where he participates actively to the lively debate that in the early sixties animated the Neapolitan artistic culture, in which the first exhibition space directed by Lucio Amelio, the Modern Art Agency where the artist offers his work in 1966, is already affirming itself as a driving force.
In the same year he moved to New York, a city where he worked until 1992, bringing together experiences, research and protagonists of the young American art scene.

Again in Italy, this time in Rome, he keeps constant his commitment as an eccentric artist, substantially extraneous to any defined school or current, moving without rigidity between painting sculpture performance, always showing himself open to confrontation with new materials, new spaces and new dimensions, above all ready to build actions and propose interventions that are, even before artistic creations, provocations and stimuli capable of re-discussing and redefining the "relations of art with politics and the world."