DE ROSA Raffaele

Raffaele De Rosa | Original prints, lithographs, etchings and illustrated books




Raffaele De Rosa was born in 1940 in Podenzana (Ms) and remained in Lunigiana until six years.
He moved first to Pomarino, then to Pallerone and to Naples near the Poggioreale cemetery.
He spends his childhood and his life with his grandparents, although he actually grows isolated and learns to play alone in a constant attempt to transfer his spirit into animals, objects, plants.
In La Spezia it is precisely the grandmother who forces him to study the violin, an instrument he hates. He reflexively puts himself to paint.
He attended a course of decoration and around the age of sixteen goes to Livorno where he meets a group of young painters with whom he begins to paint from life.
With his colleague and friend Pieri De Rosa he attended the Trossi School where among the various masters he met Gastone Benvenuti, Cocchia and the sculptor Guiggi, but the style of neorealism did not belong to him.
Also in Livorno he puts himself in touch with established artists and with mediators and art dealers.
At just nineteen he signs his first contract and goes to Neuchàtel in Switzerland.
Back in Livorno again, he manages to sell all his works to Mr. Stefanini, thus having the opportunity to serenely carry out his research and pictorial choices.
He opened a studio in Florence and in 1963 signed a contract with Ruggero, a well-known Florentine art dealer.
In the same period he collaborated with the Leghorn Mario Mariotti, who in 1969 organized the first personal exhibition of De Rosa.
After the death of the art dealer Ruggero, Mario Mariotti, Scarselli and Dr. Romano join forces to manage the production of Raffaele De Rosa.
The artist's works are a unique and original example of fantastic painting.
In 1975 he started working with the Graphis Arte in Milan, an important occasion to be known abroad.
Exhibitions are soon set up throughout Europe and then also in the United States and Israel.
In the '80s he exhibited in Copenhagen at the Italian Institute of Culture, at the Art Expo in New York and in 1984 held an exhibition in Jerusalem and in 1985 in Paris at the Maison de l'Unesco.
De Rosa signs in these exclusive years with the Galleria Maggiore in Bologna and with Leonardo Arte in Rome.
In 1989 the Parnassus company set up numerous exhibitions in public spaces and its name began to circulate in university environments, attracting interest among anthropology specialists and popular traditions.
In 2003 he exhibited at the XXIV "La Versiliana" Festival and since 2002 has been permanently at the Havens Gallery in Columbia, South Carolina.