DE FILIPPI Ferruccio

Ferruccio De Filippi | Original prints, lithographs, etchings and illustrated books




Ferruccio De Filippi was born in Rome in 1943, where, at the end of the 1960s, he came into contact with the artists who met around Piazza del Popolo. Pop Art and Arte Povera dominate the art scene. "Anthropological" is the title of the first solo exhibition for Gian Tommaso Liverani's La Salita gallery in 1970. The research presented continues until the mid-1970s when a profound change occurs: the generation of conceptualists rethinks making art and immerses itself in new in the "nostalgia of painting". De Filippi presents in 1977, again at the Salita, the work "The milk road" which makes a contribution to the iconographic experimentation of those years. " Over time the works lose any kind of narration and any historical reference. His research is currently directed towards a recovery of form and the elaboration of anti-classical iconographies that live in the depths and escape historical awareness. For this he also makes use of terracotta sculpture with the engobe or painted technique.