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Mario Calandri (Turin, 1914 - Turin, 1993) was an Italian painter and engraver.

He trained at the Art School of Florence and Turin.

In 1932, he attended the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts at the school of Cesare Maggi. At the end of his studies he became his assistant.

In that period they are the first beginnings as a painter, he exhibited in Rome and Venice, where, in 1940, he participated for the first time in the Biennale, an exhibition that he will recapture in 1950, 1952 and 1958, among the other exhibitions participation in the VIII, IX and X editions of the Rome Quadriennale.

After the war Calandri became assistant to Marcello Boglione, owner of the Chair of Engraving techniques at the Albertina Academy in Turin which he succeeded as a commissioner in 1957 until 1960.

From 1963 to 1977 he taught at the Turin Albertina academy.

Mario Calandri is considered one of the greatest engravers of the 20th century and is placed in the Olympus of artists specialized in graphics.

The Turin artist was also a painter of excellent quality, able to carry out substantial artistic exchanges between engraving and painting, modulating and influencing, now in one now in the other, inventions and emotions.

Calandri as an engraver has participated in the most important national and international exhibitions and has exhibited in numerous personal exhibitions.

Great attention was paid to the artist even after his death, bearing witness to this, the many retrospectives that were presented in the last decade.