Lino Bianchi Barriviera | Original prints, lithographs, etchings and illustrated books



Lino Bianchi (Barriviera is the maternal surname that he adds to his paternal one from 1933), designer, painter and engraver, was born in Montebelluna (Treviso) in 1906 and died in Acilia (Rome) in 1985. After the first years of his youth , lives in Venice and Florence, in 1935 he settled permanently in Rome and at the end of the 70s he moved out of town to Acilia.

The artist's fame is mainly linked to his vast engraved work comprising more than 950 plates, for which he mainly used etching but also experimented with various other techniques; it should also be remembered that he masterfully practiced several other forms of art, first of all oil painting and then the fresco and tempera decoration on the wall, the wood carving, the stained glass window, the mosaic, the ceramic, the overhang on metal, stamp engraving, jewelry making.