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Riccardo Benvenuti was born in Lucca in 1939. He lives and works in Lucca, New York and Los Angeles. Very young he came to the attention of the critics.

He exhibited in the main Galleries and Museums of Europe and the two Americas, having over 300 personal exhibitions.
At the request of the Puccini Foundation, on the occasion of Giacomo Puccini's Fiftieth anniversary, he organized a series of exhibitions dedicated to the Lucchese musician and his heroines, at the Lincoln Center Metropolitan in New York, in Chicago and Madrid.

In collaboration with the master Salvador Dalì he created the "Medal of the Wish", coined by the Gold Market of Milan.

His posters have appeared at the World Football Championships, the Los Angeles Olympics, the World Boxing Championships and the Italian Cycling Tour.

Under the auspices of the Theatrical Museum of La Scala, he performed an exclusive series of collector porcelain called "The women of Puccini", The Bradford Exchange (Chicago USA).

From 1980 to today he has executed various murals in Tuscan churches including a series on various hagiographic themes in the church of Santa Rita in Margine Coperta (near Montecatini Terme), Pistoia.

For publishing he illustrated children's books, including "Gnenco il pirata" by Vincenzo Pardini (Emme Edizioni - Einaudi).
In 1991 Giorgio Mondadori & Associati dedicated a monographic publication to him with a preface by Paolo Levi which retraced his entire artistic activity.

For Italian cinema he performed the sets for the film "Metronotte", with Diego Abatantuono, presented on the big screen in the spring of 2000.

In June 2001 for the anniversary of the centenary of the death of Giuseppe Verdi, under the aegis of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and of the Embassy of Italy, he was invited for a personal exhibition in Nairobi (Kenya) on the theme "Verdi and the Opera Italian ".

In May 2003 he exhibited in the historic National Museum "Oficina del Historiador" of Old Havana (Cuba), a UNESCO world heritage site, an exhibition dedicated to "The women of Puccini and the landscapes of music".

In September 2003 he made the personal exhibition "Fado, Volti e Paesaggi", at the "Casa do Fado and Guitarra Portuguesa" Museum in Lisbon, under the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Between 2003 and 2004, commissioned by the Company "Costa Crociere", he created impressive "pictorial panels", used for the furnishing of the ship "Costa Fortuna" and numerous works for the Suites of the ship "Costa Magica", the most large cruise ships never made in Italy.

In June 2004, on the occasion of the European Soccer Championships, he was chosen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the only painter to represent Italy in Portugal, in the series of collateral events called «Italy of culture enters the field», realizing a thematic exhibition «The dream of football», at «Casa Azzurri» in Lisbon.

In September 2004, for the Centenary of the opera «Madama Butterfly» by Giacomo Puccini, he set up the exhibition «Butterfly» in the Cathedral Museum of Lucca and, later, at Palazzo Panciatichi (Florence), headquarters of the Regional Council of Tuscany.

In December 2004 he made the first official portrait of «Varenne» for Snai S.p.A .. The work was used as the logo of the Agnano Grand Prix Lottery tickets in May 2005.

In February 2006, at the invitation of the "Brunello Di Montalcino Wine Consortium", he executed the celebratory image placed on the wall of the 13th-century Palazzo Civico di Montalcino (ceramic tile), for the international event "Benvenuto Brunello".

In June 2006, during the World Cup, he created, as the only invited painter, the personal exhibition entitled "The Football Emotion", in the exclusive home of "Casa Azzurri" in Duisburg, Germany. Then he executed the official poster, celebrating the victory of the Italian National Champion of the World.

In 2007, the bicentenary of the birth of Giuseppe Garibaldi, he was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create a painting dedicated to the figure of Garibaldi, for the traveling exhibition in the world «Garibaldi between history and myth - Garibaldi Between History and Myth», full of memorabilia , historical paintings and Garibaldini objects. The large painting is published on the title page of the official catalog of the exhibition.

In September 2007 he was received by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, during the information day and the meeting between the President and the Italian journalists organized at the Quirinale, where he delivered his painting on behalf of the UNCI (National Union of Italian Reporters).