Manlio Bacosi | Original prints, lithographs, etchings and illustrated books




Manlio Bacosi trained at the studio of the sculptor Leo Ravazzi; the attendance of Gerardo Dottori's study is also important. In 1947 his first exhibition and since then has set up numerous personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 1972 the city of Todi presented in his honor an anthological exhibition at the town hall. In 1975 in Recanati on the occasion of the Leopardi manifestations he presented a vast collection of his works in the city halls.Always in 1975 the city of Montecatini organized a his staff of over 50 works.In December of 1975 the city of Rome presented a large solo in the halls of Palazzo Braschi.In March of 1976 took place, in the municipality of Perugia, an anthological exhibition of over 80 works.In 1979 he was awarded the S.Valentino d'Oro International Prize for the Figurative Arts. In July of the same year he presented an anthological exhibition at the San Marino museum organized by the municipality. In May 1982 the great personal exhibition with 80 works in the Saloni della Molinella in Faenza under the patronage of the municipality. His works have taken part in all the great artistic events and are present in many collections, both private and public, both Italian and foreign.