Il secondo principio di un artista chiamato Banksy

At Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, a collection of about one hundred Banksy artworks is rigorously coming from private collections, as required by the organizers themselves.

The mysterious street artist from Bristol can be considered the most popular contemporary artist. Through his art he continues to question concepts such as the uniqueness of the work, the artist-market relationship, authority, capitalism, war.

The exhibition brings together the first freehand paintings, stencils, screen prints, 46 editions printed by his London Picture on walls publishing house and sculptures such as Mickey snake, with Mickey Mouse swallowed by a python.

His works tell the paradoxes of our time through a simple but not elementary media language, staging a representation of the obvious and controversial life at the same time where lie and truth mix to make it one of the most profound and truthful artists of our time . On the other hand, as he himself said: "If you want to say something and you want people to listen to you, then wear a mask. If you want to tell the truth you have to lie".

Il secondo principio di un artista chiamato Banksy.
Genova, Palazzo Ducale (Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 9, tel. 010-8171600).
Until march 29th.

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