Art Tank Park, a park for Street Art

A part of the park surrounding the Formec Biffi company has been converted into a theme park for Street Art. In this land twenty-five disused silos have been transformed into real works of art by some of the best known Italian and foreign street artists such as David 'Atomo' Tinelli, Pao, Orticanoodles, KayOne, Afran, Gasak and many others.
At the desire of the park, the daredevil entrepreneur Pietro Casella, patron of our times or, as he prefers to call himself, a road companion of the artists who in addition to the Art Tank Park has also created the Sculpture Park, always within the company and which collects works and outdoor installations by Marco Garatti, Armando Riva and Lorenzo Pacini and is the founder of the Biffi Arte Gallery in the historic center of Piacenza.



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